Identification help please...


My mother-in-law has kindly given me a set of silver plated cutlery. I am fairly sure it was made by Walker & Hall but I am trying to find the design name as I would like to add to it. I cant manage to photograph the hallmarks - but here is what I read: (W) (&) (H) (S) (L) (A1) (W&H) inside a flag.

There is also a number printed on the spoon - it is 72580.

Any help / advice where to buy more would be greatly appreciated!



Hello Jo,

I just joined this forum and found your post. What you have there is Walker & Hall’s St. James pattern. The “L” is a date letter, but without knowing the shape of the shield around the letter, it is not possible to date it accurately. If the shield is square with a point to the right, then it is 1939. The next “L” occurred in 1960 in a quatrafoil surround.

Hope this helps.