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Identification information needed please

Hello - I have a set of 6 spoons that I would like to identify…
I have attached two pictures, but would advise that I have been told they are “Fiddle” design, possibly made in Sheffield. There are 5 hallmarks on each spoon as follows:-
1 the letter A in a circle
2 I think the letter T in a squarish shape with the corners slanted diagonally
3 & in a squarish shape as above
4 I think the letter S in a squarish shape as above
5 a crown in a squarish shape but the middle of the base has a v type of mark and is more rounded - sort of like brackets sideways on.

I would appreciate any help you can offer - I have tried the usual searches on googel etc - but no joy :confused:
Thanks in anticipation of your help

Silver plate spoons.

The A could be the quality mark: … mbols.html

Leaving T & S as the manufacturors initials. I can’t immedialty see one but have a look through here: … RKSTZ.html

I’m not an expert but hope that helps

Hi - thanks for that - I did have a look at the links you gave but no joy :frowning:
Any other ideas please ?

Identification of electroplaters’ marks is often problematical due to the large number of companies working in the area and the lack of regulation in the market which means that there is no comprehensive reference available. If the spoons are English then they date from before c1895 when the use of the crown was made illegal on plated wares. However we cannot even pin down their nationality with any certainty.