Identification of Chalice Spanish 16th Century? or expensive paperweight

Good morning, delighted to find this site. Just bought a chalice on auction but have no idea of age or origin. Suggested was 16th/17th Century Spanish. Found one mark on underside. Hard to see but looks like a crown or three feathers.

Can’t find this anywhere. Would be so grateful for some insight.

There are a couple of similar marks illustrated in “Guide to Silver Marks of the World” by Jan Divis… The décharge mark is explained elsewhere as “the only mark stamped to the finished object. It is the most difficult to identify owing to its small size and the variety of symbols used (crown, head of animal, shell…)”.


This might be an area for you to research further.


Thank you so very much Phil, I am so grateful for your assistance. I will certainly look into this.
Take care.