Identification of James Dixon & Sons EPBM silver-plate p

I’m collecting tea and coffee pots to sell at our village fair in support of the South West Childrens Hospice and the Air Ambulance. I’ve acquired several pieces of silver plate, but have no idea of age or value of these items. They’re all a bit marked to a greater or lesser extent, but I don’t want to misinform people as to what they’re buying, and I’d like to price them fairly. All three pieces are EPBM rather than EPNS, and all made by James Dixon & Sons. The pictures have come out bottom to top, but here goes. The first (pot 1) is about 6.5"/16.5cms tall, and is marked on the bottom (reading from top to bottom) with a Roman X, then the trumpet and flag, then EPBM, then James Dixon & Sons Sheffield, then E782, with a separate 3 below and finally Made in England. The second (pot 2) is about 5"/12.5 cms tall, and is marked on the bottom in the same way as the first, but with E879 with a separate 4 below. The third (pot 3) is again about 7" tall, marked as before, but with 8487, and no additional digit below.

Any help gratefully received !!


James Dixon pot 3a.jpg
James Dixon pot 2a.jpg
James Dixon pot 1a.jpg

If it’s not too late for a meaningful reply I suggest you check out completed auctions on eBay to see if you can find something similar.