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Identification of makers mark

Hi this is the hallmark from my 1894 silver locket and collar. I have searched for weeks and i cant find the maker

ive sharpened the image and think its H.W. but could be H.W

Anyone here have any ideas?

I purchased a piece of Victorian jewellery with similar marks which was attributed to Henry Walker.
Perhaps others may have further information.

Thanks i had seen Henry Walker marks but wasn’t sure as the outline is square on mine rather than oval but perhaps he used both

I tried entering it into the Birmingham assay center database search and it came back with a Henry Williams but no pic to compare to

There is a picture of Henry Williams’s mark on the Birmingham Early Hallmarks site, but it comprises [H][W] in separate boxes. In addition the database only goes up to 1858, so is no help for your 1894 mark.