Identification of partial 925 hallmark

Hello everyone

I am new on the forum and need some help with identifying the maker and country of an item.

Photos are attached and also as it’s an unusual shape I was also wondering if anyone would know what it would be used for. I was thinking maybe a vase but not sure.

It stands at 11cm high and 120g.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks

The manufacturer’s name is Hazorfim, an Israeli company. It may therefore have some ritual significance - or it may just be a small vase.


Thank you very much Phil. I would never had worked it out without your help. :blush:

A nice find in an auction job lot!


There is a Hazorfim piece on Ebay, about the same height but with a handle and a narrower opening. It is described as a Passover charity bank, presumably for the collection of money.

I also saw the ebay passover bank.

I then went onto the Hazorfim website and, after taking ages scrolling through their items, it looks like a Havdalah candle holder with the opening at the top.

It’s a new discovery for me and we learn something everyday!

Thank you again for identifying the maker.