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Identification of pattern, maker, date

Can someone identify the pattern, maker and date for this fork
There is a hallmark on the back that includes date letter “S”. It is stamped PAT. STERLING
Thanks so much
16  L fork wo hole 3.jpg
15  L fork wo hole.jpg
14 marks L fork wo hole 3.jpg

Hello Jill-

I believe this is the Warwick pattern by International Silver. International was formed in 1898 as a conglomeration of many silver companies, including Simpson Hall and Miller - whose mark is stamped on your piece (although this slightly varies from the mark I usually see.) The pattern date on this is also 1898, so it was first produced the same year as International was formed.


Thank you for your response. I compared my fork to pictures of the pattern that you identified and it is definitely the Warwick pattern by Internation Silver.