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Identify Hallmarks and date on Silver lighter

Not the best photo. The markings were inside the lighter.

I think it says WHH for William Hair Haseler in Birmingham. It’s from England. I’m assuming it’s Silver and not Silverplate? I can’t make out what the last symbol is.

I’m interested in verifying the silversmith and the year it might have been made or close to. As well as any other info you happen to see in the markings.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, WHH is William Hair Haseler. The hallmark is a Birmingham (anchor) mark for sterling silver (lion passant guarantee mark) and it was assayed during the assay year 1906/07.

You have not included a picture of the whole lighter but I presume from what I can see that it was probably converted to a lighter from a vesta case (match holder).


Hi Phil,
thank you for your reply. Here is the whole lighter and I did wonder if it had been a Vesta Case. Perhaps it belonged to someone else and my great-grandad had it converted because his initials are not GN (his brother was though). His initials were JN, perhaps it is a J ? The reverse has the same scrolls pattern.