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identify hallmarks

I have a small spoon. I buyed it in the Netherlands. There are hallmarks on it that I can not recognize. Does someone recognize these marks?

The full image

Hi there. The spoon is definitely silver because of the ‘zig-zag’ mark which is called and Assay scrape which was done to remove metal from the spoon to determine the quality of the silver. The spoon’s shape indicates continental Europe in origin and the two hallmarks represent the silversmith and the control warden (quality control!). There is also a chevron cut into the ‘drop’ between the stele and the bowl which I think indicates German or Austrian in origin. Hope that helps?

the zig zag is not a guanrantee for silver. It is assayers test for silver - yes. But not a gurantee mark.
When said I agree that it is silver most likely german or Dutch - I think Dutch.