Identify item please

Hi there thank you for letting me join,I’m new as of yesterday.
Could someone please tell me what my item is?.
I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find one,I’m wondering if it’s part of something?
Thanks Andy

Please if anyone could identify the item I posted.I know it’s London/ 1903/ Samuel Jacob.
I cannot find anything in he’s catalogue that matches it.
Maybe I’m wrong about the maker date etc.I’ve searched images as well but nothing, maybe it’s part of something.
Thank you

You got the maker and the date / assay office right but I guess nobody knows exactly what the purpose of this object was.


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Thank you Phil much appreciated.
I found some krishna flutes on google.
They actually don’t look far off.

Thanks again Phil

You may have a cocktail muddler:


Thank you very much for your information.
So would you say the 2 loops at the top would be for handing on some sort of chatelaine?

Thanks again Andy