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Identify small silver case

Hello all,
I wonder if anybody might be able to identify what this small silver ‘case’ is?
From the hallmarks I can tell it’s Birmingham, 1868, sterling silver and a hallmark for Mason. Also stamped on the end of the insert is ‘Patent Perry & Co’.
From research I know that Mason and Perry had a partnership around 1868, manufacturing amongst other things, pens. However, I cannot figure out how this item might be related to pens! Any ideas are very welcome.

I’m not sure of the purpose but I have to question your identification of the hallmark. I think you may have mixed up the date mark and the maker’s mark. The latter ends in T (possibly Hilliard & Thomason) and the date letter between the anchor and the lion passant is “w” for 1896. Note particularly that there is no duty mark which makes it 1890 or later.


Hi Phil

Thanks for your reply and correction which is gratefully received. I’m a total amateur and trying to identify items I have recently inherited.
Hopefully someone out there will recognise the purpose of the item!

A further photo of the end of the removable piece.

I’ve managed to flip open the blue part which is a flap, giving access to 6 channels. I think maybe this could be a pencil lead holder.

That sounds like the right answer.

It do look like a pencil lead holder…:grinning: