Identifying a family heirloom

I would be grateful for any information about the set of pix of which I am attaching. I believe the stand is silver plate by Walker & Hall, but the spoons have other marks on them.

The set was a wedding present from my great aunt to my parents in 1952 but she said it was already ‘very old’ as it had been in the family for some time, possibly belonging to my great grandparents who married in 1890.

I’m afraid I couldn’t get closer to the marks. If it is possible date it, and confirm the style of the set, in particular the spoons, that would be super!

thank you
David Jones

The spoons are also silver plate. The maker is J Sherwood & Sons of Birmingham. It is impossible to give an accurate date I’m afraid. The pattern seems to be similar to Onslow but with a twist in the stem.

Thanks very much for this. The information I’ve found about John Sherwood & Sons of Birmingham, suggests they were in business from 1869 as "manufacturers of silver and electroplated goods. George Sherrif Sherwood and William Sherwood, trading as John Sherwood & Sons, spoon and fork manufacturers etc. of Litchfield Street , Birmingham , dissolved their partnership on 18th October 1879. J.Sherwood & Sons are subsequently recorded with William Sherwood, who retired on 31st December 1899, as a partner, together with Wilfred Sherwood (1899-1909) and George Sherwood (1901-1909), at Regent Works, Regent Street, Birmingham and 31 Ely Place, Holborn.’

So it looks as if the latest date of the spoons would be 1909;perhaps the entire set? Do you know if it was common for different manufacturers items to be assembled in this way.

Do you know where I could get an opinion on the glassware to assist with more accurate dating?

It was not unusual for sets to be assembled using items from different manufacturers. Although some makers produced a range of items, others tended to specialise.

Sorry, I can’t help with your glassware query.

That is the Walker & Hall date letter for 1893. AS W&H were one of the leading silver companies of that period it is very unlikely that they would have sourced the spoons from another manufacturer. So although the glassware would be “bought in” the original spoons would almost certainly by W&H.

Hope this helps.

Just thought of something else! The spoons are “Onslow” pattern. This originated about 100 years before the cruet set was made, and as the set is in the “Dresser” school of design they don’t really match.

Thank you all for this information.

To summarise:

The set is in the ‘Dresser’ design. The Walker & Hall date letter for the set is 1893. The spoons are ‘Onslow’ pattern which originated 100 years before the set and they pre-date the 'Dresser design, They were almost certainly added to make up the set.