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Identifying a hallmark.


Hello…I am new to the site. I have recently purchased a lovely necklace. It is silver, with Amethyst and Coral. It has a hallmark which I haven’t been able to identify. Could anyone here help please? …Jill
I have tried to add a picture but it seems my picture is too large? How can I remedy that?


You need to make your picture smaller (obviously). Windows computers come with a basic image editor called Paint which you can use to crop and/or shrink your picture. Alternatively there are online facilities which you can use (search “online image editor”).


I have resized the pictures and will try and attach them to this reply!


Success! Now all we need is a legible close-up of any marks.


OK…I had quite a hard time getting those pics resized! But I know how to do it now so I will take a better picture of the mark and try and send it…probably tomorrow. Thanks for replying! It’s a pretty necklace and it would be nice to know a little more about it…


Hello…I have taken some more pictures, using a different camera. I hope these will be better.


Not a mark I recognise. The style of the necklace suggests to me a small artisan maker, possibly South American?


Yes…I agree. I did think South American rather than Mexican. Would you have an opinion as to when it was made? It doesn’t look new. Are there any clues in the style of the chain used, and the clasp?


I think I have probably exhausted my knowledge - hallmarks are my area of interest and I leave jewellery to other people. As nobody else has chipped in to this topic I suspect that we have also exhausted the forum’s expertise.


I understand! Thank you so much for your help…Jill