Identifying a Silver hallmark.

Hi, just joined after reading the post about photographing silver which was very useful, I did have some difficulty photographing some silver the other day.
I was sorting through a pile of old silver, mostly plate and mostly scrap, when I came across a solid silver spoon. I think I figured out the hallmark but just wondered if any of you could confirm that I am right.
Is the maker Solomon Houghton?
Great forum and wish I had discovered it the other day before taking the photo’s,

SH would be Solomon Hougham provided the date is consistent with his working life (SH mark used 1793-1817) and has a London hallmark.

Hi, thanks I di notice I spelt the name wrong and the date letter is a small “n”, the cartouch is square with rounded corners and a little point (?) at the bottom.

A picture would be useful as there is no assay date with a small ‘n’ in Hougham’s expected date range.

Hi sorry but trying to upload image but it did nt work, hopefully this time.

Solomon Hougham Georgian Solid Silver Spoons Silver Hallmarks - Copy.jpg

Sorry, meant “r”, been looking at hallmarks so long I got confused :confused:

‘r’ is 1792, or more accurately 1792/1793 as the London assay year started on 29th May. Hougham first registered his mark in February 1793 so your spoon dates between Feb 1793 and May 1793.

Thank you for your help, I found this spoon in amongst a box of old cutlery i picked up from an auction, shame its only a spoon. I have just viewed some of the other items Solomon Houghman made and will keep looking especially seeing how much they are worth :smiley: