Identifying and valuing Claret Jug

[b][i]Hi everyone
Could somebody please help us identify the maker of this claret jug, and maybe give us a valuation?

We thought originally that this was the jug used in the film Remains of the Day with Sir Anthony Hopkins. But when I researched the hallmarks, I think it shows a 1998 date stamp? (The film was made in 1993 so it cant be from that). One thing I couldnt find out is who the maker is. Does anyone know who WW could be in London?

It’s really pretty with lovely detail, but obviously not an antique if I got the date stamp right. Any idea how much this could be worth though?

Many thanks in advance.

low res jug 3.JPG
low res jug 2.JPG
low res jug 1.JPG

You have the date right, 1998, but I cannot identify the maker. I have to say that it would not be to my taste, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

I would suggest a probable value of £150-£200.