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Identifying Baluster Top Engraved Back Silver Spoon

Greetings Silver Afficionados.

I am looking for help in identifying a solid silver, engraved back baluster top spoon.
All clues and insights welcome!

It was included in a family box of primarily Russian and Austrian, German, Swiss silver from the 18th and 19th centuries but this piece and its marks bear no resemblance at all to the others. So perhaps earlier and/or from somewhere else on the continent? Could it be Scandanavian? I have searched around the web quite a bit and am perplexed by this little spoon.

The lone mark is a rectangular cartouche placed vertically on the stem roughly 2/3 of the way towards the baluster top that looks like two crossed swords or a stylized stretched-out capital X with the number 19 underneath it. The nine is quite swirly but there are serifs on the 1 so I think its the right way up.

The stem is interesting as its distinctly rectangular in the mid-section before thickening to a slightly more square shape near the knop end.

It seems designed to sit stably with the engraved back facing up (it toddles quite a bit when placed bowl side up. And the bowl is almost perfectly round not really fig shaped.

That’s what I know. Can you name that spoon?
Many thanks to all for the read