Identifying flying insect hallmark

I would love to know more about my silver teapot. Hoewver I can not find any similar hallmarks in the reference books I have consulted. Can anyone tell me more about it please?
keef teapot marks.jpg
Keef teapot.jpg

I’m not sure which bit you are seeing as a flying insect, but I think the symbol between the AB and the S is a flower head. The bunch of flowers being held by a hand is one of the styles of marks used by Atkin Brothers of Sheffield on their electroplated wares so your teapot is silver plate, not solid silver.

That’s brilliant information, thanks very much. I was a little bit sceptical as to quality as the other stampings (x1364 4 H.B.) had been very poorly executed. As I use the pot every day now I don’t need to be overly cautious. Thanks again