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Identifying Hallmarks...

Hi I have a few spoons and a Fork which are hallmarked. I was wondering if someone could help Identifying the hallmarks please, to see if they are silver or not.

1 Small Spoon… Hallmarks are…
a) what looks like a JR.
b) & sign.
c) what looks like an S.
d) crown
e) Intiials BP in an oval.

2 Small Spoon again
a) what looks like a K or R.
b) what looks like an animal face.
c) a Lion.
d) D. and them something else which has rubbed away.

  1. Large Fork, Very Heavy.
    a) A
    b) R
    c) P
    d) Two Axes crossed over each other.
    f) L
    e) EP

  2. Large Heavy Spoon
    a) A
    b) what looks like HB
    c) &
    d) what looks like CII
    e) Looks like &
    f) NS

1 3 & 4 are almost certainly electroplate or alloy. 2 sounds like it is probably silver with a London hallmark, but a picture is going to be required in order to be sure.