Identifying Modern India silver pieces

These are presentation pieces from NRB Bearings, an Indian company. They are marked “SILVER BS 925” They seem like silver, but does anyone know this maker? Can Indian marks be trusted at all?

Not sure this is Indian silver despite the inscription on it. This company, while formed in Mumbai in 1965, is a multi-national firm with branches in Europe, Thailand and other places.

This looks like a 1920’s/30’s piece with, given it is the company you mention, a post 1965 inscription.

So what countries have silver manufacturers who write " silver" on .925 Sterling silver? Not the UK, the US is more likely. In which case BS would an American Company.

But to your question about reliability of Indian marks. India has been mining and making silver items for thousands of years and has a very high standard of craft unique to each region.

Here’s a useful article on traditional and colonial silver:

Wynard Wilkinson wrote the bible on Indian Colonial Indian silver which is basically Indian-made copies of silver then being produced in the UK. It’s well worth a read and keeping on your reference shelf but won’t help you with the BS mark as it is too new and he only covers to 1860.

Auctioneers are noticing Indian silver is following price trends in Chinese silver and see a price rise as the country’s wealthy seek to buy back pieces which left the country during the colonial period.


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