Identifying the meaning of the marks and its value

I was gifted recently these 3 pieces and would like to know more on the markings and signs they have and from when it is dated? also what do they value at? thanks

These pieces are not silver so have no intrinsic value due to precious metal content. The manufacturer is Roberts & Belk of Sheffield (hence the R&B and S). The next parts of the mark are EP and BM, for Electroplated Britannia Metal. Britannia Metal is a white metal alloy similar to pewter.

If the plating is in perfect condition the set will have some value (check out Ebay’s “sold” listing for similar sets to see typical values). If there is any damage to the plating that will have a considerable impact on the value.

It would certainly be worth giving the pieces a polish with a good quality silver polish to see if there are any areas of plate loss. It will make them look a lot better too.

There is no dating information in the marks but the set is typical of items produced around the turn of the 20th century (say 1890-1910).