I'll be away for a few weeks

I’ll be going fishing in the Republic of Panama (Tropic Star Lodge, www.tropicstar.com)starting Friday for about 10 days then home on July 2d, then gone again on the 3d with the family on vacation to a very fine resort on the Alabama coast, the Grand Hotel at Point Clear, which was damaged in hurricane Katrina and just recently reopened (yes, it’s payback time, but there are some nice silver shops in Fairhope, Alabama).

So, if any of our loyal viewers have American silver questions or comments you have been waiting to put forth, ole Uncle Vic will be out of pocket after Thursday for a while.

I am indeed enjoying my semi-retirement.

Uncle Vic

I’m jealous!!!

Have fun Uncle Vic!

I’m finally back home…fishing in Panama was crazy. My group caught and released 17 marlin and 196 sailfish in six days, plus lots of tasty stuff like tuna, mahi mahi, and wahoo. It rains a lot in the rain forest…

After delayed flights back to the US and lost luggage, went with the whole family to Pt. Clear, Alabama for a week. It rains a lot in Alabama too. Made the mistake of playing in a tennis tournament with a bunch of old ladies who whipped me like a dog…Did some silver shopping there, mostly overpriced stuff. Glad to be home to rest up from all these vacations.

Uncle Vic