I'm new here! And I have Grandmom's silver!

Hi! My name is Melissa and I just stumbled upon this forum while trying to google the markings on my grandmothers’ silver.

From Grandmom #1, I have three spoons, and a serving fork and butter knife from Rogers Bros. 1847. The fork and butter knife are in what I believe to be the “Vintage” pattern, and the fork is monogrammed with an H for my grandmom’s maiden name. I believe the fork and butter knife were a wedding gift to her parents. I haven’t been able to identify the spoon pattern. She passed two years ago, so I can’t ask. :frowning:

From Grandmom #2 (still with us, she’s 95!): A set of six spoons. The only marking on the back says “STERLING” and that’s it, no company, no names or anything. The pattern on the spoon handles appears to be engraved, and each spoon is also monogrammed with a B. These spoons were a gift to my great-grandmother for her wedding in 1911, and my grandmother gave them to me at my wedding in 2001.

I’ve attached photos. I can take pics of the markings, too, if anyone wants me to post them.
gwenn spoons.jpg
doris fork and butter knife.jpg
doris spoons.jpg

Closeup of the pattern on Grandmom #2’s sterling spoons.
gwenn spoon pattern.jpg

Hi Melissa and thanks for joining us. The Rogers 1847 items are American silverplate and as such have little commercial value. The sterling spoons are almost certainly American but without a close up photo of the mark we cannot identify the maker. Many American makers used very tiny logos on their sterling flatware, so look very carefully.


Uncle Vic

The website above has many of the patterns that have been made through the years. You can look under Silver Plate or Sterling and there are photos of the patterns down the left side of the page. Good luck!!