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Imperial Russian? Polish? Creamer or Sauce Boat - Gold lined

I have acquired some silver items from an old world Jewish family. I believe these items were used in rituals but am not sure. Lets start with the one that has the most markings. I have not been able to locate the markings on after literally days of research. I hope someone can shed some light on this item.

The handle is ornate and is soldiered on, the soldier area is lead colored.
The flat un-engraved exterior areas are dark and mildly effervescent.
The engraving is clear and precise.
The inside is gold plated as noted some has worn in areas.

The markings on the bottom are worn a little making it difficult to tell the first and third marks.

I think I read somewhere, where the upside down V is a town indicator of Russian or Polish silver.
There are strong ties in Russian silver images to the Jewish religion, which leads me to believe this might be Imperial Russian.