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Impressive item. Maker unidentified

I purchased this item for my collection the other day. It is 12 in. Long 5 in. Wide and 5 in. Tall. and weighs 555 grams. The workmanship is phenomenal. On the bottom it’s clearly marked 92.5 but in back there are additional markings including a triangle, silver, 925, a swan or duck with a j in the middle and the letters ukrs. I want to know if anyone knows this maker and/ or any information regarding this item?

I ve determined this has something to do with Diwali. Possibly a lamp

Thanks for the update. I guess, as nobody else has replied, that we know even less than you do!


I was just going to hazard a guess that it was made in India simply because of the design and type of work, and the 92.5 which I don’t recall seeing for more western countries.