Indian Silver Bangle

Dear all

I realise this is strictly a British silver forum, but I wonder if there’s anyone here who can help identify this bangle - year, origin, an idea of value.

Alternatively, if anyone knows of a forum for identifying Indian silver, I’d be very grateful for details.

P1010492 - Copy.JPG
P1010490 - Copy.JPG
P1010489 - Copy.JPG

Of course I’m assuming it’s Indian, but it could be from anywhere. I just know that my grandmother’s family lived in India from about 1880 to 1920.

It might be that someone bought it for her later than that, or on a later trip.

Any help identifying it would be appreciated.

the cat is from Egypt before 1946. I cannot see other marks except the big mark that looks like Otoman empire.

So clean marks and post a picture of mark - only marks. That is what can bring us further.

I am not brittish :smiley:

Thanks, that’s really helpful. If the marks are Ottoman and Egypt, my research indicates that means 1801 -1805, which is when Egypt was part of the Ottoman empire? is this correct?

I’ve attached another couple of pictures of the hallmarks, but this is as clear as I can get with the camera I have at the moment I’m afraid,

Does this help in establishing the approximate value of the piece?
P1010492 - Copy (2).JPG
P1010490 - Copy (2).JPG

I’ve just found out from my father that my Grandmother’s aunt married an Egyptian and lived there around 1890. It’s quite possible that the bangle was hers.

Is there any way I can change the thread title to Egyptian bangle???