Info on Mustard Spoon Please.

Please see attached photos for a mustard spoon?
Using my Pocket Edition Jackson’s Hallmarks I have had no luck identifying the marks.

That leads me to think it is either not silver (no lion or Brittania), possibly silver plate or foreign.

All information appreciated, particularly origin, date, maker etc.

The mustard spoon is 13.2cm long

The giveaway in this one is the EP in Old English script, so this spoon is electroplate. I had no luck with the maker, but I note that the fleur de lis and crown crop up occasionally on the electroplate of other manufacturers.

Thanks for that. This is a great website for assistance!

Do any of the marks indicate a date or rough age?

EVANS AND MATTHEWS, 80 Bull Street, Birmingham England (late 19th century).

Hi Snuffer,
Thanks for the info on this (and my Jam Spoon also)!