Info on teapot

I recently recieved a tea service from a family member. Upon cleaning the multiple layers of tarnish I found out the set was Oneida. However the tea pot does not go with the set. On the bottom there is a shield lion on the left unicorn on the right and possibly the letters L B N V in each box of the shield. It says silveron copper above the shield and double plate below it. Could be from Sears but mark looks old. Have no picture unfortunately, I have done extensive research on teapots and found nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Candice from Oklahoma

Hi there Candice and thanks for joining us. Sorry, but I can’t identify your pot from the description. Oneida used dozens of marks on their silverplated wares over the years, and in general, identification of most American silverplated stuff is very difficult due to the total lack of any uniform marking system and most makers’ efforts to pass off silverplated wares as sterling…much like receiving an “official” looking letter in the mails that turns out to be ad advertisement…I got one the other day that was stamped “NOTICE OF HEARING” as though it were a court document. Being a retired lawyer, I opened it to discover an ad for hearing aids…Hearing? Got a chuckle out of me. Likewise many American silverplated items are stamped with fancy sounding names that imply solid sterling silver, but are not. A picture of the marks in question would be most helpful.


Uncle Vic