info on vermeil spoon

The gold plating on this spoon is VERY thin. I dunno if that’s how it’s supposed to be or not. On the stem, the numbers seem to read 225 over 1000.

What is a spoon like this FOR? Jam? It measures just over 5 inches.

Any idea of date of mfg? I don’t see a maker’s mark anywhere.
Vermeil ID.jpg
vermeil 2.jpg

It’s “925/1000”, meaning 92.5% silver, or the sterling standard. That type of mark was used around the turn of the century. Some sort of jam spoon is my guess. No maker’s mark? The makers of old sterling were real proud of their work and almost always had a mark, sometimes very tiny…


Uncle Vic

Closer look seems to indicate this is the same maker as the ladle – Daniel Low & Co. That looks like the same “D” up at the very base of the spoon.

Thanks for the help!