Information on old cutlery

Hi there everyone

We have just been given some beautiful old cutlery and were planning on using it. I thought I would check to ensure it isnt something special before it goes into everyday use. There are a few things, all purchased in the late20’s early 30’s -

  1. A complete set of cutlery made by Joseph Rodgers and sons limited. They even came with the original boxes. Beautiful stuff! On the back the stamp says Rodgers followed by an asterisk and then a cross symbol like that of the Knights Templar and then Niclite

  2. Some ivory handled cake knives. These are (soory stainless steel) flag brand (Christopher Johnson and Co). These are in incredible condition in the original box and still have the packing slip with the packers signature and batch no.

So, are these things good for everyday use or could we be destroying something special and unique by doing so?

Many thanks for your help!


Thinks are made for daily use - can they be harmed by use then you might as well throw them away now.

No dishwasher mashine. Washing by hand.
Thats what we do in Europe

ps I use my silver. Just bought a fish spade from 1799 - used it 3 times during december. Use two 1716 spoons for me and vifes breakfast.