Information overload...

We have purchased a silver plate dish that has markings we do not recognize. We are unable to locate anything online that has helped thus far, as there are far too many sites and too much information out there.
This piece appears to be a service dish of some sort with decorative handles but no decor on the dish itself. It is approximately 11 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep. The back of the dish has a gold colored, embedded label that says A Harris & Co. The stamped letters in the center of the bottom side of the dish read “K” “S” and what appears to be an “M” or “In”, each inside it’s own shield shape. The final mark is indistinguishable as it has been worn, but almost appears to be a picture of a bird’s head?
If anyone is able to help me in identifying this piece, that would be wonderful.
I was unsuccessful at taking a picture of the markings, but will continue trying and post some as soon as I can.
Thanks in advance for any help.

It sounds like Forbes Silver Co of Meriden, Ct. Check the mark illustrated here.

Thank you for the suggestion!! That is exactly what the mark is on the bottom of the dish. :slight_smile: