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International Silver Co. St Regis Stein

Hey everyone,

I have this silver item that I can best describe as a stein. On the bottom it reads:
St Regis
International Silver Co
14 OZ [68]

And on the side it has the crest of St Regis

I’m not sure what St Regis is, though I see there is a modern hotel with a similar crest, the original hotel was in New York maybe it was a souvenir from there.

Is this worth anything or worth saving? I wouldn’t want to have it melted down to find it was a rare antique.

Hi there Suzen and thanks for joining us. International had a silver plate pattern named “St. Regis” and I would assume your tankard is that. In any event, it is silver plated and therefore of little commercial value.


Uncle Vic

Thanks so much for the info uncle vic!
Is there a date span that the St Regis pattern was in print?

According to that pattern dates from 1985.

Uncle Vic