international silver corperation table ware

OK looking for help
I have an older lady friend(late 80’s) that has a tableware set that she got as a weedding present from an aunt that had it for a few yrs prior, she was married 55+ yrs ago, and got the set again from an aunt that had it before giving it to her

ITS still BRAND new in the original boxes and wrapings
I have tried to help her find out what its worth, but cannot find any like it, I looked on some replacements sites, but no luck matching the pattern
I was contacted by one that said they were from teh 1970’s, but thats not right s I know there at least 55 yrs old for certain
any help would be much appreciated, this lady wants to give them to a relitave for a wedding gift, but would like to be able to tell them more about them and theer value if there is any!
, and again, they were made my the , “international Silver Company”, I think they are silver and then gold platedm very heavy they re

here are a few pictures

also, it says “american Golden heritage, US,”
on the back of eah piece if that helps, thanks

Hi there and thanks for joining us. This flatware is silver plated and/or then gold plated, not solid silver. If it were solid, it would bear the word(s) “sterling” or “sterling silver”.

International Silver was formed in 1898 by the merger of many smaller American silver makers and reamins in business today. It, like most American makers, did not date-mark its flatware. From the box design I’d guess mid-20th century.

Your best source for an approximate value is eBay’s “completed auctions” for similar silver plated flatware sets. You will find it has little commercail value.


Uncle Vic

thanks for the reply
I did try to look on e bay, but was unable to find any with like pattern, and most were all used conditions
does the fact its age have nothing to add value to it??
I again, was told by a rplacement eb site that , thi patteren is from teh 1970’s, and I kn ow that’s wrong
even on there web sites, i cannot match the pattern, found one that is close, but not the same

are / is there any books to find out, is teh fact that this might be a rare"R pattern have any effect on value??

I appreciate yout tim and reply, But for now I am still at a loss for info on these piece’s
I don’t think I can just look at things that are Close looking , can I/

as I see all different prices on things that are CLOSE looking

wouldn’t it be like comapring apples to oranges, doing that?

thanks again

The cold, hard fact is that fairly modern American silver plated faltware, whether brand new or worn out, is worth very little vs. sterling silver. International is the mass producer of all mass producers of American silver plated flatware, so rarity is out of the question. A good reference on American flatware patterns is Phil Dreis’ “Sterling Silver Flatware”, 2d Ed. published by Warman’s. While it shows sterling patterns, many makers also produced the same patterns in silver plate. I’ll take a look and see if any of the International patterns Phil shows are the same or similar to yours so perhaps we can put a name on it. The most complete web source of American silver patterns is


Uncle Vic

thanks, thats the web site I looked on and was told it was from 1970’s and they had no match of this pattern

they had tons of patterns too, just non like this, which had me guessing maybe something odd was here

I thank you for all your help and info, if you have any more idea’s i am more than open to hear them


I checked Phil Dreis’s book and see no similar Internaitonal patterns. Another source for you may be Silver Queen in Florida which is a major seller of replacements.


Uncle Vic

Ok again, thanks for your time, and info
I contacted them , still waiting on a reply

Liek I said this pattern seems to be rare or something

could this be any added value if thats the case?

I would also appreciate any other places you think i should try, inc ase this one doen’t have any help

thanks again

Ok I just heard back from these folkk at that link, and they too said they cannot find this pattern

any other help would again be greatly appreciated on this set

If Silver Queen can’t help with the pattern the only other suggestion I have is to get on and go through the hundreds - if not thousands - of International silver plate flatware patterns they show and try to find a match. I’m sorry, but my view remains the set has minimal commercail value.


Uncle Vic

Ok thanks, I did try that on
looked through tons , all they had listed, and again, no match found
Is this a common deal with older sets??

thanks again

Yes, its fairly common as a large number of American silver makers produced an icredible number of patterns over the years. One last try: Phil Dreis owns Antique Cupboard, a major silver matching service in Wisconsin, - give him a call or email with your pix and see if he can help.


Uncle Vic

thanks, i sent them an e mail with pic’s, will up date when I hear back from them, thanks again, and happy turkey day to you and your family!

well its been a while, but have not gotten a reply back forom that site

either busy or, mayeb not interested in helping me

just to provide a feedback on my post here