Intricate serving dish... maybe?

Hello everyone!

I found this in a thrift store and thought it looked interesting due to it havin 4 sets of hallmarks on the bottom. I can’t find much about it, even after several frustratingly-long search sessions… I’m not even sure what it is! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
meriden brittannia company tray MBC EP.jpg
meriden brittannia company tray crown bundle star.jpg
meriden brittannia company tray 00106.jpg

Here are some pictures of the ‘dish’ itself. I’m not sure if the 5 inserts are glass or crystal, either.
meriden glas silver tray.jpg
meriden brittannia company tray.jpg

None of the marks are hallmarks. They are all trade marks of one sort or another; i.e. they have been applied by the manufacturer rather than an independent body dedicated to silver testing. If you have read many of the questions and responses here you will know that electroplate, which is what your dish is composed of, has little commercial value.

EP means Electro Plated