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Intro of a newbie

Well this seems to be the right forum for saying hello…so… HI… I am an American been collecting ( actually hording ) silver all my adult life, gotta love $18 silver. Just the past few years I have been collecting things other than bullion, scrap and coins and my real hobby is the hallmarks. I just love learning about these " secret codes " on sliver. Such fun, So far i have learned that British hallmarks are not to hard to dis cipher, German marks are a bit harder, American marks are hard and the French are just crazy. , I am certainly no expert on any of this but would love to join you guys in the " Guess where this was made " game here. And Uncle Vic I really love your site, if there is anything I can do to help you out, just give me a shout. Plz forgive any typos ( spelling and typing are GODS way of keeping me humble ) or forum violations on my part, just new !!! and TY again …