Irish Maker 'PL' - Identity?

I am wondering if anyone is able to identify the maker of this Dublin, 1842-dated jug?
(It weighs 235g and stands 13cm tall.)

The only known ‘PL’ I can find is Patrick Loughlin, but his maker’s cartouche is of a different shape. Is this simply an ‘unascribed’ maker?

Many thanks if you can help!

This mark doesn’t appear in my reference for Irish makers’ marks. But I offer the following as a possibility:

Jackson’s Silver & Gold Marks of England, Scotland & Ireland illustrates a similarly shaped mark with HL for Henry Lazarus, this mark being noted as between 1813 and 1850. An 1841 Dublin Trades Directory lists Lazarus & Son, Silversmiths at 9 Parliament Street, Dublin. It may be therefore that PL was a member of the Lazarus family.


Thnaks, Phil - that’s really interesting.