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Irish makers mark help!


I have a silver berry spoon dated 1803.

I understood the makers mark ‘JS’ was for ‘James Salter’ of Cork?

I have read jackson and it states that James Salter earliest mention was 1821 and that he left for Newzealand in 1840!

Can anyone help with my request please.

Thank you

As you point out Jackson (p721) lists Salter’s “earliest mention” in the Cork records as 1821. However, a few pages earlier (p718) Salter’s mark is shown with that of Richard Garde as 1809-1830. We have to conclude that the records are not comprehensive and that Salter may well have been working and sending silver to Dublin for assay and sale in 1803. Alternatively “JS” may not be James Salter, but rather an unrecorded maker.

For anybody reading this who wonders how Salter got on in New Zealand I have to include the full text of Jackson’s footnote:

“James Salter with his family emigrated for New Zealand in 1840 in the “Sophia Pate” which was wrecked on the voyage, and all save one boy were lost.”

Thank you,much appreciated such a comprehensive reply.