is silver plate worth collecting

I am very confused over silver plate/epns et al. I look on flea bay and it seems to cost next to nothing or quite a bit. I collect solid silver spoons mainly because I like them but they also have a natural value ( Ido understand collecting for profit is a mug’s game, and I do not collect in this fashion).
So my question is is plate worth the house room, and what should I look for in terms of makers , process etc. and will it ever be anything other than the joy of looking at it.
I ask this because I am disabled and money is tight so have to buy,what i can when I can.

Am I better off sticking to my spoons or looking at some plate

thanks for the advice guys!!!

I guess none of us thought our pennyworth was worth more than that! You might find what one of our contributors has said on the subject of interest: click here.

Thanks for the link very handy and helpful.
Guess i was a bit frustrated as there does seem to be an inbalance around post’s.
apart from the odd one or two like your self not many post and thats a shame.

I am on many forums as I have a few hoobies and sometimes the best post have come from those with little or no expert knowledge about the subject.
so please everybody answer the posts its opinion’s that make this interesting