Is this 1915 of 1948 (or other)

I’m probably a bit late in life to start collecting silver, but we have to start somewhere.
I have this set of sugar spoons and tongs with the hallmark: crown lion ‘f’. I’m sure this is Sheffield but is the ‘f’ 1915 or 1948. I have a (poor) picture attached.

Yes this is Sheffield. The date letter is actually “x” and it’s the date code for the assay year 1915/16. Note that from 1918 to 1974 all Sheffield hallmark symbols (lion passant, crown and date letter) had punches which come to a shallow point at the bottom.

The maker / sponsor is Sharman D Neill, a Belfast jeweller and silversmith.

It’s never too late to start collecting silver - I hope you enjoy your new hobby.

Thanks for the clarification. So that’s an “x”. I have much to learn.

So the “SDN” is the maker. That ties in with the makers name in the box too.