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Is this a folding beard comb?

I have just acquired this item and would be grateful for anything anyone can tell me about it. I’ve searched on Google but can’t find much about it, and my eyes are struggling with the markings!
Is it a beard/moustache comb?
Silver, or silver plate?
Hope someone can fill me in! :slight_smile:


normally I would say english from Birmingham.

But is it not american Gorham? sorry my american knowledge is zero.

I see what you’re saying, but shouldn’t the first mark be a lion if Gorham?
Can’t see a lion there at all, so still puzzled! :slight_smile:

I’m mystified too. The anchor looks like an early Birmingham anchor but the E doesn’t look quite right for the 1828 date letter and what the other (first) mark is supposed to be I have no idea. The teeth look too regular and thin to be antique silver.

It’s certainly a folding comb - could be for moustache or beard.