Is this a Hester Bateman hallmark?

I have acquired a spoon with the hallmarks in the picture attached and am unsure whether they are the marks of Hester Bateman. I understand that Hester Bateman and Henry Bailey marks can sometimes look very similar. I had thought that the date letter ‘u’ was that for 1795 (London), but now I almost certainly think it looks like 1835 (especially judging by the monarch’s head). If this is the case, is it too late for Bateman (was she dead by then?!).

Please help!

Thanks, Peter

Hi, My interpretation is that the duty mark is Willam IV which would date your piece to 1835. Hester Bateman died in 1794.
Hope this helps.

No this is not Hester Bateman - but it is a frequently made mistake. If you turn it the other way up you will see that it says JH - Jonathan Hayne.