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Is this a mustard pot with spoon?

I don’t know exactly what the markings are, I can only make out a V, a lion and an anchor. Any idea on the era and worth? Blue glass Inside

To answer the question in your title: yes, it is a mustard pot. These would often have had a glass liner; I think I see one in your picture but I can’t be sure.

I can see that the mustard and the spoon are by different makers, so are maybe not a matching set. Your pictures are not very clear when the marks are expanded to a readable size but I think that the maker of the mustard may be Horace Woodward & Co:

This means that the “V” is actually “v” and is the date code for 1920/21.

The maker of the spoon, THH, is T H Hazlewood & Co, but I cannot make out the date letter.

Similar plain mustards with spoon and liner are selling on Ebay for 30-50 GBP.


There’s an “s” on the bottom of pot and a blue glass inside