Is this a piece of solid silver please.

Hi, I would be very gratful if sombody would be able to help me with a piece of unhallmarked silverware I have please. This silverware dish I have is marked on the underside with “sterling silver” & “BHATTER” but no other marks. The wieght is heavy as well 659g. Is it possible to tell if this dish is 925 silver or is it something else? I have added a couple of photos below. Thank you very much


Bhatter Silvercraft is an Indian company (found by googling). This dish is claiming to be 925 silver by using the word “sterling” but there is no way of verifying this without a full assay test. You do not say where you live, but if you wished to sell this in the UK you could not do so legally without it being assayed.

you could sell it at auction in the uk. Simply head to a jeweller/reputable expert to test for silver content, and ask for proof upon findings (documents) if silver. Either way, the words sterling would attract people willing to take a chance on such a massive weight.