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Is this a set or a marriage?

Hi all,

Looking for four pieces of information here:

(1) Manufacturer and likely decade of manufacture for the jug, the sugarbowl and the coffee pot/warm water pot? Marks on all three are those of the top panel

(2) The teapot has the exact same design patterns as the others except for the lid handle which has a bird motif (eagle?). However, the teapot sports a different set of marks (lower panel). Why is this?

(3) Is this “set” silver or silverplate?

(4) Any ballpark figure on likely value would be appreciated.

I can’t help with the 2 manufacturers, but they seem to be typical of electroplater’s marks and assuming there are no hallmarks I am pretty sure they are plate rather than solid. The basic pattern is a fairly common sort which I believe is normally termed “melon” so, given the different finial and manufacturer for the teapot, it is probably a marriage, but equally probably, of long standing. The other large pot is a coffee pot and not a hot water pot. Date is probably late 19th century.

I always find that eBay completed auctions give a pretty good estimate of likely values. I recommend a search for a 4-piece silver plated set of the late 19th century.

Thank you for that very prompt reply and for your helpful information.