Is This A Sibley

I have a silver bowl which I think is made by Arthur Sibley. The date mark is for 1897, but he stopped in 1879, so is this a Sibley bowl?

This is the mark of Asher Solovitch. I assume that, as you claim that Sibley “stopped in 1879”, you are getting your information from my web site. You should be aware that the dates given there are for when the mark has been seen by me and should not be taken to represent actual working dates (as I explain on my home page). However you are right in thinking that Sibley would not have been working in 1897 when this bowl was hallmarked.

Solovitch’s mark was registered in August 1898, just a couple of months after the end of the 1897/98 assay year so it seems as if he was using it before it was officially registered - unusual, but not the only time I have seen this happening.


Thanks for the prompt reply Phil.
Solovitch was my initial choice but with the date being before he registered, I thought it could not be.
Mystery solved.
Thanks Again