Is this a Sterling Silver Fork? Identifying marks please?

I have in my possession this very large serving fork. It’s marked “International S. Co.” and “S & W” on the end. Should I consider it sterling silver if it’s marked International S. Co.? No other markings other than the “S & W”. It’s very heavy.

A magnet does not stick. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

You can only consider it to be silver if it says “sterling”. As it does not then electroplate (at best) is the only conclusion.

Note that not all base metal alloys are magnetic so the magnet test is meaningless.


Thank you. So, does that mean silver plated? & any idea what S & W stands for? It’s marked International S. Co. Also, any idea what it’s worth…any value to this? and any way to tell what the age is?

Electroplated = silver plated. It might make as much as five dollars if put up for sale.