is this a sugar shaker? ?

hi everybody! is this a sugar shaker/muffineer? are muffineers the same thing as sugar shakers? this is international silver 3" across the bottom and 6 1/4" tall. thanks very much as always!! bobbie

Hello Bobbie -

Yes, this is a modern sugar shaker or muffineer. They are the same thing, and are also often called a sugar caster (or castor, I’ve seen both spellings used). There is a misconception that these are to be used with confectioner’s sugar, really they are intended to be used with a superfine granulated sugar - which is actually called “caster sugar” in the UK. I have one I keep filled with cinnamon sugar which the kids enjoy using (a little too much sometimes!)

I’ve also heard of some people using one to hold talcum powder. Personally, I love for people to find new ways to use old (somewhat archaic) forms of silver!


hi lisa - thanks!! i do, too - i love new ways to use beautiful old treasures – the old silver bread trays are gorgeous filled with potpourri. bobbie