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Is this a tea caddy? value?

Hi, i would like to know if this is a tea caddy or not, any idea o value? thanks
it measures 8 cm. high and 7 cm. wide

I don’t think it is a tea caddy, but I guess you could use it as one if you wished. I have no idea what purpose it was originally made for, maybe part of a dressing set? The sponsor’s mark appears to be Elkington and Co and the hallmark is Birmingham 1894, but as you didn’t ask about that I assume you already know. I wouldn’t like to be too firm on the value, but perhaps somewhere in the £30 - £50 area? I am happy to be corrected on that if anybody else has any idea…

its a fair estimate, i dont think its a caddy. Has it been gilded/gold washed inside? Or is that just the image?