Is this silver? has marks

Candy dish or something. The hallmarks are a persons bust facing right(George IV maybe?), a crown, but not the kind I have been seeing for Sheffield pieces, and a squiggly “S” for the date mark. The word SHEFFIELD is printed underneath. The bottom numbers read 25108. The 1 seems to be overstamped on top of three sideways "1"s. This piece is non-magnetic. I am thinking it is some kind of reproduction, but from who and where? Am I right? It looks like there is green tarnish up in the middle of the base. Any help would be great!
mark 1_001.jpg
bottom 1_001.JPG
side 1_001.JPG

Hi there Jeff and thanks for joining us. Your item is American and was made by the Sheffield Silver Co. of Brooklyn, NY. The company was started in 1908 and made silver plated flatware and holloware. The mark on your silver plated dish was used prior to 1950. The compnay was acquired by Reed & Batron Silversmiths in 1974 and moved to Norton, Mass.


Uncle Vic

Wow! Thanks for the invite Uncle Vic, and the quick response! I am new at this and doing a little research, but was coming up empty-handed. Glad I found your site. I think I have a new hobby. I am sure I will be speaking with you again. Thanks Again :smiley:

Jeff, you are most welcome. BTW, the number on your dish is a model or pattern # and seldom has any signifigance when identifying silver.

Uncle Vic

I was wondering about that. I am really gaining interest in this. Started poking around the sites you recommend. Wish I had started this earlier. I used to live in Meriden, CT. I am sure I could have come across some interesting pieces if I had my mind set to it then…maybe time to go visit some old friends :smiley: Thanks again!!!