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Is this Silver or Silver Plate

Hi - not an expert here but hoping someone can help me identify if my Sugar Shaker is Silver or Silver plated. The marks are

Top - left to right - A Bell, and i think it’s a harp (not quite sure)
Bottom - left to right - Initial L, Initial M, and a square box with a X inside it with what looks like a banner underneath.

Any information greatly appreciated.


I don’t recognise the mark, but the general rule is that if there is no indication of fineness (e.g. “sterling”, a British hallmark or a numeric such as 925, 800, etc) then it is most likely to be silver plate or some other white metal.

Sorry posted initial message without pics - now uploaded so may help!

Hi John, Do you have family or friends in Ireland? The crowned harp is the standard mark for Irish silver, it may be the mark that’s on your sugar shaker, but that wouldn’t explain the bell. Take a look on my website to see if yours is the Irish silver mark.

Cheers Adam - have taken a look but I don’t think it has a crown with harp - I reckon it’s plated…really appreciate your help…cheers

are you sure that it is not a lotus flower - egypt hallmark. Clean marks and post better pictures.
In case Lotus mark it is silver.

hard to tell, but chinese export marks were made to emulate british marks so maybe on the off chance its that, but doubtable.