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Is this sterling silver or EPNS?


According to this page

where I found this

this spoons are made by John Turton & Co of Sheffield in 1930.

Am I correct?

Also, I don’t get it, is this sterling silver or EPNS?

I don’t see any EPNS or similar marks, were they mandatory?

What’s it worth?


EPNS marks were not mandatory so unmarked items could be EPNS. However what you have is a silver hallmark with the lion passant mark acting as a guarantee that the item is sterling (.925) silver. British hallmarks can not be applied by the manufacturer, only by the assay office after the silver content has been tested so they are an absolute guarantee of quality.

Your identification of the maker and date is completely correct. I am pleased that my site has allowed you make the identification - I must be doing something right!


Hi Phil,

thanks for replying.
Your information about this lion passant mark is very useful, thank you.

Your site is very useful indeed.
I don’t have any prior knowledge about silver hallmarks or any hallmarks at all, still, I was able to identify this hallmark easily.
Thank you for your work.